Miracle Sandbags, what are they and how do they work?

Miracle Sandbags contain a super absorbent polymer that react and swell on contact with water. Once activated (typically 5 minutes), the water is contained as a gel within the fabric, thus acting as a barrier.

How do you activate them?

Lay them in position and wait for the rain, spray with a hose, dunk them in a bucket or tub of water, lay them in a puddle or place them in a fresh water source like a stream.

Do I have to add water?

Depending on your situation, you may pre-activate them or let the weather activate them. Miracle Sandbags can be placed in position and wait for water to arrive. If a current of water is expected, partially activating them is recommended so that they don’t float away. If building a retaining wall is desired, pre-soaking & stacking them is recommended.

Does the Miracle Sandbag or any other water activated sandbag work with salt water applications?

No, Miracle Sandbags do not work with salt water, calcium, lime or chlorine. There is a chemical reaction that causes the absorbed water to be released back out, making them not effective as a barrier & must then be thrown away.

How should I position Miracle Sandbags?

Ideally, place Miracle Sandbags in the path of problem water & divert it before it becomes a problem. They can also be used to absorb & contain a leak or spill.

I noticed some white crystals on the outside of the product after I activated it. Is that normal?

Yes, this is quite normal. During our manufacturing process the needles can pull the powder through the stitched seam, which may cause crystals to appear the first time you activate the product. The gelled water will wash away with water, degrade over time & is non-toxic & nonhazardous.

How long do Miracle Sandbags last?

1. Un-activated: indefinite as long as kept dry, so store in their closed package until needed.
2. Activated: if left in position, they can last for 6-12 months.

Can I re-use them?

Yes, you can re-use them. Once activated, Miracle Sandbags will remain active until the water evaporates, typically taking several weeks for complete evaporation. If left in position, they will shrink while evaporating and grow again when re-exposed to water.

They seem to shrink after the water has gone. Is that normal?

Yes, as the water evaporates, they will get smaller. If complete evaporation is desired, store Miracle Sandbags in a dry environment, like a garage or shed. Over several weeks, Miracle Sandbags will shrink & become crunchy & ready to store away. Once re-exposed to water, they will absorb & swell again.

What do I do when I wish to dispose of them?

Miracle Sandbags are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in the bin. Polymer contents will degrade with UV exposure, pressure and time, leaving an empty pouch that can be thrown in the trash. Gelled contents can be cut out of bag & spread on lawn or garden to provide temporary moisture until degradation occurs, typically within a few days. Contents will be slippery, so keep off of walkways to prevent slip & fall accidents.